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Track Owners: Darron & Becky Deese

       July 29, 2016
                     "Weather Permitting"

            Jackie Knox
             "The Sonoma"

             Brandon Plyler
          "Thunder Chicken"

     General Admission: $15
           Tech Cards: $10
      Kids 10 & Under: Free

        Gates Open at: 6pm


Pageland Dragway's

           7/23/16 Pro Winner: Kyle Oliver

 7/23/16 Modified Winner: Corey Funderburk

 7/23/16 C&C Tire of Kershaw Jr. Winner:
                                          Chloe Price
7/23/16 Hot Rod Winner: AC McManus  

7/23/16 Ladies Race Winner: Candy Short         



 July 30, 2016
  "Weather Permitting"

SSS Points Race #9

Gates Open's at 1pm
Track open's at 3pm

General Admission: $10

2016 Winners Circle

7/23/16 Pro R/U: Chip Henderson

7/23/16 Modified R/U: Gray Kimble

7/23/16 C&C  Tire of Kershaw Jr. R/U:
                                   Trey Deese

 7/23/16 Hot Rod R/U: Buddy Faile

7/23/16 Ladies Race R/U: Angie Watson


Pageland Dragway's  "2016" Points Race Schedule

$30 to join Pageland Dragway's points for 2016

1st Points Race: Saturday, March 26, 2016 (Rain Out)
Make Up Points Race 1: Saturday, June 4, 2016
2nd Points Race: Saturday, April 9, 2016
3rd Points Race: Saturday, April 23, 2016
4th Points Race: Saturday,
May 14, 2016
5th Points Race: Saturday,
May 21, 2016 (Rain Out)
Make Up Points Race 5: Saturday, July 2, 2016
6th Points Race: Saturday,
June 11, 2016
7th Points Race: Saturday,
June 18, 2016
8th Points Race: Saturday,
July 23, 2016
9th Points Race: Saturday,
July 30, 2016
10th Points Race: Saturday,
August 13, 2016
11th Points Race: Saturday,
August 27, 2016
12th Points Race: Saturday,
September 3, 2016

We will be taking the best 10 races out of 12
To Determine Pageland Dragway's 2016 Track Champion
Summit Super Series Champion
***Please Note: IHRA SSS X number Must be kept Current from our 1st points
race to be eligible for the SSS payout, and to represent  Pageland Dragway at Memphis***




Congratulations to the Winners for our Yeti Raffle on June 18th
3rd Place Winner: Cori Jenkins - 2 Yeti Colsters & $25
2nd Place Winner: Frank Cato - 2 20oz Yeti Ramblers & $50
Grand Prize Winner: Anne Funderburk - Yeti 20 Roadie Cooler & $100


Street Car List
3rd Friday each month

July's List Race will be ran on July 29th. we will be closed on
the 3rd Friday in July

List Rules:

Big Tire

*Any Size Tire
*Tube Chassis okay, no stretched wheel base
*any motor size and any power adder
*wheelie bars okay
*No weight rules
*Must have at least one functional tail light

small Tire

*29.5 x 10.5 tire or smaller
*No Wheelie Bars
*No tube Chassis
*Any rear suspension, stock style front supension
*Any motor size and power adder
*no weight rules
*Must have at least one functional tail light

Real Street

*D.o.t. approved tire only (no Slicks)
*Current tags and registration required
* Must have working lights
*Registration must be on paper and presented day of the race must be up to date
*Fiberglass hood and deck lid only, rear seat delete okay
*Cage okay, race seats okay "Must have 2 front seats"
*stock suspension only
*No wheelie bars

General Rules:
*Instant Green light just like leaving off the flash light
*Cross the center, jumping the light, make any form of contact with the wall all will result in disqualification "starter has final say on all track decisions"
*Proper safety equipment required "tech has final say if the cars are legal"
*All cars must go through tech before racing

For questions call Randy Conner: 912-663-4997

Ladies Only Race
August 27, 2016



Jackie Knox "The Sonoma"

Friday Night, July 29, 2016

General Admission: $15
Kids 10 & Under: FREE

Jackie will have a locked in Grudge Race
With Brandon Plyler........


Classic Gear Jammers are Coming to Pageland Dragway.....

   September 10, 2016 

General Admission: $15


Top 8 Door Slammers
are coming to Pageland Dragway

Sat. September 3, 2016

Battle of the Borders

Friday & Saturday
 October 14th & 15th, 2016 




April 2, 2016 - Chris Moore Grudge Fest

May 7, 2016 - Chris Moore Grudge Fest

May 28, 2016 - Randy Conner List Race

July 8-9, 2016 Chris Moore Grudge Fest

August 20, 2016 Chris Moore Grudge Fest & Top 8 Door Slammers

October 1, 2016

Ultimate Converter
True Street 275

August 6, 2016
September 17, 2016

2nd Annual Shriners Race
Saturday, September 3, 2016 


Racing for the Kids......

Featuring The Top 8 Door Slammers
Make plans now, to join us, for this GREAT Cause.....


November 12, 2016

Junior Dragster Race
$1,000 to Win & Trailer Check
Second Chance Junior Dragster Race
$300 to Win & Trophy
Gamblers Race for Bracket Cars with
100% Payback & Track will add Bonus $ to the Pot


Stay Tuned for more Great Events
To be added soon........