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    Pageland Dragway's
/12/16  Gambler Winner: Jamie Freeman

     11/12/16  Jr. Main Winner: Ethan Bickford

   11/12/16  7.90 Heads Up Winner: Gray Kimble

   11/12/16 2nd Chance Winner: Andrew Shelton
                                                     (right center)

 10/1/16 Ladies Race Winner: Kaitlyn Courtney




2016 Winner's Circle

  11/12/16 Gamblers R/U: Edward Freeman

11/12/16 Jr. Main R/U: Marissa Bickford

11/12/16 7.90 Heads Up R/U: Trey Deese
                                                        (right side)

11/12/16 2nd Chance R/U: Chloe Price
                                             (left center)

 10/1/16 Ladies Race R/U: Kasey Brock


Pageland Dragway's  "2016" Points Race Schedule

$30 to join Pageland Dragway's points for 2016

1st Points Race: Saturday, March 26, 2016 (Rain Out)
Make Up Points Race 1: Saturday, June 4, 2016
2nd Points Race: Saturday, April 9, 2016
3rd Points Race: Saturday, April 23, 2016
4th Points Race: Saturday,
May 14, 2016
5th Points Race: Saturday,
May 21, 2016 (Rain Out)
Make Up Points Race 5: Saturday, July 2, 2016
6th Points Race: Saturday,
June 11, 2016
7th Points Race: Saturday,
June 18, 2016
8th Points Race: Saturday,
July 23, 2016
9th Points Race: Saturday,
July 30, 2016
10th Points Race: Saturday,
August 13, 2016
11th Points Race: Saturday,
August 27, 2016
12th Points Race: Saturday,
September 3, 2016

We will be taking the best 10 races out of 12
To Determine Pageland Dragway's 2016 Track Champion
Summit Super Series Champion
***Please Note: IHRA SSS X number Must be kept Current from our 1st points
race to be eligible for the SSS payout, and to represent  Pageland Dragway at Memphis***



Club Wars 11/19/16
@ Pageland Dragway.....

Street Car List
3rd Friday each month

List Rules:

Big Tire

*Any Size Tire
*Tube Chassis okay, no stretched wheel base
*any motor size and any power adder
*wheelie bars okay
*No weight rules
*Must have at least one functional tail light

small Tire

*29.5 x 10.5 tire or smaller
*No Wheelie Bars
*No tube Chassis
*Any rear suspension, stock style front supension
*Any motor size and power adder
*no weight rules
*Must have at least one functional tail light

Real Street

*D.o.t. approved tire only (no Slicks)
*Current tags and registration required
* Must have working lights
*Registration must be on paper and presented day of the race must be up to date
*Fiberglass hood and deck lid only, rear seat delete okay
*Cage okay, race seats okay "Must have 2 front seats"
*stock suspension only
*No wheelie bars

General Rules:
*Instant Green light just like leaving off the flash light
*Cross the center, jumping the light, make any form of contact with the wall all will result in disqualification "starter has final say on all track decisions"
*Proper safety equipment required "tech has final say if the cars are legal"
*All cars must go through tech before racing

For questions call Randy Conner: 912-663-4997


November 19th  
4.70 Bad Boys
"Winner Takes ALL"

Nathan Rollins Memorial
 & Club Wars

Ladies Only Race.....


Stay Tuned for more Great Events
To be added soon........